How does Backpack work? How do I order or, place a request for an item?

The entire process begins when you order the items you want to buy and pay for them. We will then assign you a traveler who is headed towards your destination and deliver your items. Meanwhile, you can communicate to the traveler using the messaging service on Backpack platform.

After the traveler reaches their destination, there are 3 ways to go about the final delivery: (1) Home delivery (2) Courier service and(3) Shopper pickup. For home delivery, you will get the items at your doorsteps and for shopper pickup you'll meet the traveler at her convenient location to pick up the items. Final delivery on courier service depends on the courier. For more, check this article: Delivery methods on Backpack

Here are 3 brief videos on how you can use Backpack:

  1. How Backpack works
  2. How to order on Backpack
  3. How to place a manual request

In short, here're the steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Search for your desired item. If you can't find your item, place a manual request.

  3. Click on the item you like to see details and add your product to the cart

  4. From the cart, click on "Proceed To Checkout", select your delivery method and pay for your order (you can use bKash, Credit Cards, Bank Deposits, Internet Banking, Paypal, etc.)

  5. After your payment is confirmed, we take 7-10 days to connect you with a verified traveler who carries the item for you from abroad. We will notify you via facebook/email and you will see the estimated arrival date on your orders. You can track your orders from your My Requests page.

  6. You will be able to communicate with the traveler and our site admins, through our messaging center.

  7. After the traveler reaches their destination, she can meet you at a convenient location, such as a cafe or a restaurant, to deliver your products. You can also pick up the item from the traveler's home if the traveler requests it. If you have chosen home delivery or courier, all you will need to do is wait for your item to come to your doorstep - the traveler will send it to you.

Hope this helps - feel free to knock us if you have further questions.


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