How do I get paid as a traveler? What is the maximum I can earn for a luggage?

Your earnings will be the amount that you make from the trip. Typically, this depends on the dimension, weight and price of the items you’ve backpacked. However, for Bangladeshi travelers we offer a flat $300 for each standard sized luggage.

You can see your total earnings on your ‘My Flights’ page. After all the items have been received by the shoppers, we will proceed with your payout to your selected payment method and address. It can be a Bank Transfer/Paypal/bKash payout.

You can earn $300 for a standard luggage weighing 50lbs and with a dimension of  22" x 18" x 10". Thus you can earn up to $900 by carrying 3 luggage. Any additional weight charges will be compensated by us. 
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