How do I register as a traveler? How does the entire thing work?

Welcome Backpacker! airplane We've put together this guide to help you get started and make Backpacking a magical experience.

  1. The first step is to go to and add your flight by entering your flight destination. You’ll see a popup asking for information about you and your flight plans for you to register as a traveler.
  2. A confirmation message that says, “On-boarding Complete” will appear right after. 
  3. Within the following 48 hours, someone from the Backpack Admin Desk will contact you over the phone to confirm your luggage space.
  4. You’ll then be asked to send your itinerary and photo ID to the Backpack Support Desk, and we’ll have them verified quickly.
  5. Next, we will be providing updates at regular intervals about items that are due to be delivered to your address; we’d need you to keep an eye out for our notifications and when items arrive, simply collect them and confirm that you have received them. 
  6. In order to collect your items as soon as they arrive:
    • Check your mailbox, doorstep, outside your home
    • Check notices from USPS, Fedex
  7. Confirm verified requests and tag all the items by clicking on ‘I Received the Item.' Under unavoidable circumstances, you may unbox certain items, but you’d need to notify the shopper about it beforehand. It would be best if unboxing can be avoided altogether since backpack’s shoppers love getting their items in mint condition. 
  8. Every once in a while check in with the shoppers whose items you’d be carrying; see what messages they have for you. Most often they simply want to thank you for agreeing to carry their requested items. Drop them a line or two in response; they’d only appreciate it
  9. Pack your items carefully ensuring that they are safely tucked into the luggage
    • Bring liquid items and books wrapped in plastic bags.
    • Carry all the fragile, sensitive, soft or small items in a pouch or your handbag or carry on. 
  10. One day before your flight, we’ll share details of the person who’ll be receiving you from the airport and collect the luggage. You can also request for a pick and drop service if needed; we’d be happy to provide it! 
  11. We’ll contact you after your plane lands in Bangladesh and collect the luggage soon afterward. Depending on the circumstances, you can also opt to deliver the items on your own to our delivery touch point at Mohakhali DOHS. 
  12. Payment: We’ll issue your payout after we confirm receiving the items and finalize the transaction within a week. We’ll also return your luggage bags at your convenience. 
  13. Share your backpacking experience with your friends & family and spread the love.
  14. See you again soon! airplane departure
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