How can I make payment using Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)?

To pay with your Bangladeshi Debit/credit card all you need to do is follow these simple process- 
  • Take the item to the checkout page selecting the "Delivery option".
  • Then you will see the payment options from where you will need to select Pay via EFT (BDT)” 
  • After selecting this you will get an option to upload your Electronic Fund Transfer receipt. You will need to select Choose File” and upload the screenshot of the successful payment page that you will see upon competition of your EFT. 
  • To transfer money online, you need to go to your bank’s online portal and use their online money transferring system. 
  • For EFT there is no charge in Backpack. 
  • Once the receipt is uploaded, it will go to our backend for verification. We usually verify the payment within 48 hours and once it is verified your invoice will be paid and will be ready to purchase. We will notify you about it. 
For more info email us anytime at Thanks! 
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