How to make Bank Deposit?

To make bank deposit all you need to do is follow these simple process- 
  • Take the item to the checkout page selecting the "Delivery option,"
  • Then you will see the payment options from where you will need to select Pay via cash deposit BDT” 
  • Clicking on this tab will open all the information that is needed for you to make a deposit in our bank. Here you will need to note down our bank account details and the amount that is shown for you to deposit. There is no charge in Bank deposit though. 
  • Now, go to your nearest Bank Asia branch  --→ fill up the deposit form with the amount and account details --→ deposit in the bank --→ take a picture of the receipt --→ come back to --→go to payment option -→ Select bank deposit option --→ upload the picture of the receipt by clicking on choose file” option. 
  • Please be assured that the size of the file is not more than 5Mb. After the file is uploaded you need to click on Pay”.
  • Once the receipt is uploaded, it will go to our backend for verification. We usually verify the payment within 48 hours and once it is verified your invoice will be paid and will be ready to purchase. We will notify you about it. 
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