Do you deliver items from sites other than yours or amazon?

Yes, we do. You can look for your desired item on any US websites and place a manual request for the item on our site. Please note, we would not be able to bring the items which are shipped from outside the US, also, the seller of the item need to have a delivery timeline of 10 days in the US.
We usually review and update the manual requests within 24 hours. Steps below can guide you to put a manual request for your desired items. 

  • Log on to
  • On the top right-hand side, there is an option that says “Shopping”. 
  • Put your cursor on that and you will see an option that says “Manual request” 
  • Clicking on that will open a form where you will need to fill the information. 
  • For example, you want to place an order from MAC, now copy the name of the item “Lipstick” , link of the item page, any any note for example - Size, color and you want us to buy, quantity that you want and press “Add to cart” 
  • Now we will take 24 hours to check your request and verify. If the item matches our requirement then we will accept it and add to you cart. You can proceed to make payment. 
  • If the item gets rejected then we will state a reason and it will show as a notification in your backpack account.



Happy Backpacking. 

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