What is Backpack credit and how does it work?

Backpack Credit is a referral bonus which can be earned/shared by the referral link provided in 'Backpack Credits' tab from the top menu bar. If you sign up at Backpack from a referral link of one of your friend who's a fellow backpacker, you'll instantly receive BDT500 as your backpack credit.
How does it work? 
When you invite a friend with your referral link to join at backpack, you get BDT2000 pending credit, which you can check in your Backpack credit” page. After they make their first purchase at backpack you get BDT500 and after they travel for Backpack, you get BDT1500 from that pending BDT2000. 
How to use Backpack credit? 
You can use this amount as a discount to shop at the backpack. This amount will get applied to a certain proportion to the item that says credit applicable.
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