How much you are charging for an item?

Any item that you purchase in backpack usually have these charges,  explaining below-
  1. Backpack fee: this is the charge that backpack gives to the traveler who will be carrying your item from the USA to Bangladesh. Our conversion rate is $1= BDT84. Backpack fee is charged as follows -
$0 to $500 - 21%
$501 to $1,000 - 18%
above $1,000 - 15%
  1. Sales tax: this is the tax that backpack gives to the US government to ship the item from one state to another. This charge fluctuates, but we determined one single flat rate, which is 9% of the item price
  2. W/D (weight and dimension) charge: A weight/dimension (W/D) charge added to an item's price means that the item's shipping weight or volume occupied in the traveler's luggage, is relatively high compared to its price. This price is optional and might not be added to all the items that you see. You can see the w/d calculation in this article - . Thanks!
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