What is Backpack?

Wikipedia will write Backpack's entry this way and they will be right in telling the truth:

Backpack provides a fast, reliable, hassle-free online overseas shopping experience. Travelers from all over the world carry foreign products for shoppers who request them. It is based in Menlo Park, CA, USA.

Backpack is a silicon valley based marketplace connecting shoppers and travelers with a keen interest in providing excellent overseas shopping and traveling experience. Backpack is all about legally getting all those products from overseas that you always wanted to get but couldn't get because your local shops don't sell them, or you don't have relatives and friends who can bring the product for you. We connect you to travelers who will carry the products for you at your hometown. We delight in the fact that your experience with Backpack will be fast, reliable, hassle-free as Wikipedia article would entail.

The entire shopping process begins when you find the item you want to buy and take it to checkout from your cart. Once at the checkout page, decide on delivery and payment method, confirm payment and we will purchase the item within the following 72 hours. There are 3 ways to go about the final delivery: home delivery, courier service and shopper pickup. With home delivery and courier service, you’ll receive the items at your doorsteps, whereas with shopper pickup, you'll need to head over to our delivery point at Mohakhali DOHS and collect the item in person. 
Soon after buying the item, we will assign you a traveler who is headed for Bangladesh and has agreed to carry your items in their luggage. We typically need 16 days after receiving confirmation of payment to have the item delivered to your hands. I hope this helped and happy backpacking!
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