How do I place a purchase request?

At Backpack you can place a purchase request in two ways- 
  1. From Search.
  2. Through Manual request.
Search: This is the option where you visit and search for your desired items and place order. For example, you need an Iphone and you search in Backpack. After getting it, you click on the item, click on buy now or add to cart, go to cart, select pay, select delivery, select payment method that you prefer and pay for it. 
Manual request: Now this is the part that allows you to place an order for an item that you do not get in our search but available in other USA site. Here is the article that explains on how to place a manual request- After the request is placed we will verify and add to your cart if accepted. If the item gets declined then we will give you the reason behind it and you will see that in your cart as well. 
Please note that at Backpack you are placing a purchase request and we will verify/review some specific details before purchasing the item, such as- item being legal, items delivery time, travelers safety and comfort issue, item being in stock, payment checkout of the seller site working properly etc. If any of these goes wrong or does not match with the requirement then your purchased invoice might get canceled and refunded. Primarily the refund will go to your backpack credit that can be used in your next purchase. Or else if you want you can take the refund just as the way you paid. 
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